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Temporary autonomous zone

A presentation of video and short film in a cultural zone In Bitola in September 2010

Center for contemporary public arts e l e m e n t i

The 6th Attitude is creating its autonomy with an attempt to become a classical institution, a symbol of our society which is destroying its own base. It is the same as science losing its worthiness when closed in a museum. The works presented in the temporary autonomy zone should witness the existence of art as a “triumph” of our civilization. As a double reality and a sad irony of the superiority of dominating cultures, the Temporary Autonomy Zone will emphasize the contrast between the absolute solitude of the inner and outer space. The Temporary Autonomy Zone will have a limited time of existence and a regulated entrance (a permit).

It is a part of the project

selectors of the 6th attitude are:

Elementi / Bitola, Macedonia
Die Fabrikanten / Linz, Austria
Komplot / Brussel, Belgium


kristina bozurska

philippe van wolputte

vesna bukovec

michelle naismith

florian sedmak / anatol bogendorfer

catherine vertige - kosten koper

eleonore saintagnan

martin zet

sabine maier

anna mitterer

bernadette huber

nicole pruckermayr