5th Attitude festival
24th 25th 26th June 2009 Bitola Macedonia


Alex vilar, still image from the video Crash course 2008

The 5th edition of video art and experimental film will be shown in public spaces, in front(or inside) few banks in the city as a reaction of financial globalization in the world. The concept of this year festival is to show that this system which is threatened not only by the energy crises but much more by the individual crises, encouraged and leaded from the connection of material luxury , mental disaster and abuse of the necessity to propagandize the importance of the economy, portrays that the society is being directed towards the discourse of general catastrophe. In this stadium of social reality in which the hyper-reality is becoming the reality , the manipulation of truth is imposing as absolute focus. This focus on the problem which leads us to the problem resisting of capitalistic domination, at the same time gives us the possibility to fight against it, not accepting it as a moral but also not as an unmoral , but above all creating a net of signs which would direct towards displacing the gravitation of the reality and that would comes up into the loss of the power concentrated in the governance. But if this kind of disarranging the historical myth would release us from the ominous and false function of the things which are leading us to the loss of real essence? Where the new seduction begins – through power of the money or through the power of the artwork?

Igor Tosevski, still image from the short film Crusisng or Stories of Nothingness, 2008

Art director

Biljana Petrovska Isijanin, Center for Contemporary Public Art Elementi, Macedonia


International Art Expo Italy, Luca Curci - director

Open Space Centrum for Kunstprojekte Wien , Gulsen Bal - director

One Minute Planet Brasil


Ministry of Culture of Macedonia


Yemenwed.Aditi Avinash Kulkarni. focARgroup. Caroline Koebel. Marius Lenewieit and Rocio Rodriguez. Mirjana Marinshek Nikolic.Philipp Quehenberger. Lidia Karbowska-Minard. Aleksandar Grozdanovski. Sladzana Bogeska. Barbara Holub. Alban Muja. Peter Mortenbock&Helge Moshamer. Sener Ozman&Cengiz Tekin. Uma Ray. Alex Villar. Igor Tosevski. Nada Prlja. Anton Terziev &Katia Damianova. Etta Safve. Ivana Stojakovic. Ljupcho Temelkovski. Eveline Costa. Kristina Depaulis. Luca Curci&Fabiana Roscioli. Claudia Paim.Jeremy Newman. Guillaume Bottazzi. Eva Maria Neuper&Claudius Duschek. Jessica Westbrook. Alison Williams. Mauricio Mayorga. Tom Estlack. Nervo&Tes Gennaro Rino Becchimenti&Paola Setti. James Johnson-Perkins. Nikola Tanurovski. 54one minute videos from Brasil One Minute Planet.

Yemenwed, still image from the digital video animation Episode 3, 2008

Luca Curci & fabiana Roscioli, still image from the video Impossible language 2004


STOPANSKA BANKA AD Skopje (Nov reonski pazar) 24, 25, 26 juni od 11.00 - 16.00 ~asot (vo holot)

Lidia Karbowska –Minard. Barbara Holub. Nada Prlja. Alex Villar. Ivana Stojakovic. Mauricio Mayorga. Igor Tosevski.

Alison Williams. Eva Maria Neuper & Claudius Duschek. Claudia Paim. Aleksandar Grozdanovski. Yemenwed.

UNI BANKA (Bulevar 1.maj) 24, 25, 26 juni od 11.00 - 16.00 ~asot (vo holot)

focAR group. Aditi Avinash Kulkarni. Caroline Koebel. Gruppefisch. Mirjana Marinshek Nikolic. Sladzana Bogeska.

Nikola Tanurovski. Uma Ray. Anton Terziev&Katia Damianova. Luca Curci.

NLB TUTUNSKA BANKA ({irok sokak) 24, 25, 26 juni od 11.00 - 16.00 ~asot (vo holot)

Alban Muja. Peter Mortenbock&Helge Mooshamer. Sener Ozmen&Cengiz Tekin. Etta Safve. Ljupcho Temelkovski.

Eveline Costa. Guillaume Bottazzi. Jessica Westbrook. James Johnson Perkins. One Minute Videos Brazil.

Pettiot Festival STAV e poddr`an od: Ministerstvoto za kultura na R.Makedonija, Op[tina Bitola i MAT

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